U.S Agricultural Organizations

As non-profit, non-partisan organizations focused on education and community programs, the goal of official U.S. agricultural organizations is to promote information about the use and benefits of U.S. agricultural products through global programming and events.

As a chief technical consultant for several of these organizations’ East Asia operations, Michael is responsible for supporting the promotional efforts of America’s many agricultural organizations operating overseas.

U.S. Cranberry Marketing Committee

Recipe Book

“Michael’s expertise and enthusiasm have been instrumental in helping us achieve our goals in the China market. His skill and passion for the craft shine through during every seminar or demonstration he has conducted on our behalf. He has my highest recommendation.”


Association of U.S. Pecan Farmers

“The added value in Michael’s work isn’t simply about technical knowledge or understanding of our products or the growers who grow them. It’s about the passion and energy he brings to everything he does. Whether in his written articles, original recipes or simply addressing a crowd. I still get excited watching Michael work and I’ve been working with agricultural products for many years.”


MZH Consulting Limited

Sole China representative US Cranberries, US Pecans, Produce Marketing Association & The American Craft Beer Association

U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council

“Michael is not only a wealth of knowledge on the subject of great American cooking, but also a wonderful instructor. His culinary skills are always enough to engage an audience, but his ability to lead presentations fully in Mandarin Chinese puts him head and shoulders above the competition.”


China Representative, U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council

U. S. Wheat

“A soulful baker and a passionate instructor. The depth of Michael’s knowledge on the subject of bread goes far beyond mix, proof and bake.”


Greater China Director, U.S Wheat Export Federation

U.S. Meat Export Federation

“Michael has served as a true Ambassador for US products during our cooperation together.  His gift of cross-cultural understanding and deep knowledge of both the US and Chinese culinary worlds has enabled him to impart deep knowledge about our products to Chinese.”


East Asia Director, The U.S. Meat Export Federation

Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute

“As both a top-notch chef and advocate for sustainably sourced products, Chef Rosenblum has proven to be a significant asset to our China operations.”


Director-Asia Pacific, The Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute


Inspired Cuisine

U.S. Bakery

Cranberry cookbook


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