Organic and Beyond 正谷


With hundreds of employees, offices and distribution centers in most major Chinese cities, and government-certified organic farms covering nearly every province in Mainland China, Organic and Beyond is China’s leading organic foods company. Their achievements have been featured in global publications such as Forbes and The Harvard Business Review, as well as LIFE Weekly and Cai Xin. In their commitment to low-emissions, sustainability and fair-trade partnerships, OABC has established relationships with premium organic farms worldwide.

Michael has served as senior consultant to Organic and Beyond, focusing on sustainable product design and new product development. Additionally, he has led OABC’s senior management training programs, community events, and authored a volume of recipes and literature for the company.

“As our primary technical and creative consultant for the development of innovative, sustainably-focused programs, it’s difficult to overstate Michael’s contribution to our organization.”


Founder, Organic and Beyond


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